A Story of Gratitude

How my sincere prayer was answered by the image of the Santo Niño

Sinulog Witnessing – January 2012

There is a saying that goes…”The later in life you start a family, then the better prepared you will be for the future”. In our case, we were married in 2002 and both of us not being “spring chickens” anymore; we decided to start a family right away. Since then, we had been waiting for […]

The Pencilmaker

Let me first share what the “Pencilmaker” told his pencils these important lessons. Said he: “1st – Everything you do will always leave a mark; 2nd– You can always correct the mistakes you made; 3rd– What is important is the lead inside; 4th– In life, you will undergo painful sharpenings that will make you better […]

Strength Regained