PADAYON (Soldier On)

‘Mag-sige pa ta ani?’ (Should we go on doing this?). This is the question that I have asked myself 2 years ago. With a busy schedule, I found it difficult to find time to do any volunteer work for Senyor Sto Niño. Aside from “time poverty”, there is also the element of unresponsiveness that can […]

Rock & Roll

Early in 2013, the company I worked for underwent a restructuring plan that caused more than 20 jobs to be cut out from our department. Luckily I survived the 1st round of redundancy in place. Four of us moved from the IT group to the Finance group. I loved my job. The pay was good. […]

The Beloved

                2012 had been a tough year. One year has passed since a death in the family had consumed us and that nagging feeling that perhaps we have not loved well enough still remains. If there is one thing that tears you apart, it is losing the people […]

PAGSAULOG SA PAGTU-O (A Celebration of Faith)

My journey of faith (“pagtu-o”) had been greatly influenced by our family’s devotion to the Senyor Sto. Niño, Cebu’s Beloved Holy Child, God and King. I grew up believing that we were always protected and looked after by the city’s icon of faith. My mom has a collection of rare and beloved Sto. Nino carved […]

A Hand to Hold

I was raised by my grandparents. They told me that if I sent out happy thoughts into the universe, God would be very pleased and would send his angels to always protect me. When darkness looms, I hold their hand and angels would be singing “Gloria in excelsis Deo” in my mind to hush the […]

Daghang Salamat Señor Sto. Niño

              (photo credits: I was 5 when I remembered joining the Sto Niño procession in Cebu. Yearly then on, our little family would walk the streets of Colon, candles lighted and mindful not to burn people walking in front of us. I could barely make out what prayers […]

My First Sinulog in Auckland 2009

I say that Christmas is not over until the Sinulog celebration is over. The Sinulog had always been a part of our family tradition ever since it started in Cebu. We actively participate in the Sto Nino Village fiesta celebration and the city activities. I remember the time when people would bring charcoal and smudge the […]

Blessed because of You

Senor Sto Niño have always been the third person in our marriage. We tried for 2 years to have our 1st born and after completing 9 days novena and asking for a child, Lorenzo Mikel was conceived. Yes, we did not name him Niño because we can only have one Niño in the house. Each […]

Memories of Sinulog in Cebu

             photo taken on the Feast of Senyor Sto. Niño  When God seems so far away, we send him messages written on paper and tie it to a balloon. Then, we let the balloon fly to the heavens. Hoping and believing that it gets there. “If you lose hope, somehow […]

One Beat

Fr Sam Pulanco (the person at the right wearing glasses) is the 2nd Filipino priest ordained at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Auckland. He choreographed and danced the Sinulog as his Thanksgiving to the Snr. Sto Nino. The Filipinos supported him. There were 2 all Filipino choir singing Tagalog mass songs that gave more meaning to […]