VIVA SENOR SANTO NINO!!! PIT SENYOR!!! It’s only 6 weeks to go for the fiesta of our beloved Senor Santo Nino. After a Solemn 9-days of prayer at St Patrick’s Cathedral (Jan 9 – Jan 17, 2015) and a solemn fiesta celebration at North Shore Events Centre on Jan 18,2015, we will continue our celebrations […]

Santo Nino – Sinulog NZ group supports Cooperative Bank Limited New Debt Consolidation program

To all our Friends and Families, The Cooperative Bank Limited has been very supportive of the SANTO NINO Project for a Pilgrim Centre and has been a corporate partner to the Annual Sto Nino Fiestas and Cultural Festival and the quarterly SANTO NINO sponsored community activities. They are running a new debt consolidation offer and […]

Sinulog 2015 Dance Schedule

To the Cultural Production Team and Prospective Sinulog Dancers: Many have witnessed to the immense blessings they have received by offering their time, talent and gifts to Sto Nino thru their dance offering and most of all their prayers. God’s grace abounds in our prayers and praises which, in this instance, we offer thru our […]

An Exclusive Bank Package for Devotees, Family and Friends


Sinulog NZ 2014 Raffle Draw Results

Congratulations! 5th prize:             Nonie Ortiz  (2342) Drawn by:   Amalia Rodas 4th prize:           Joanne (1487) Drawn by:  Boboy Caballero 3rd prize:           Tess Becker (2371) Drawn by:  Joyce Gesta 2nd prize:           Joyce Alaba (1052) Drawn by:  Miriam Batucan 1st prize:             Tracey T (1152) Drawn by:  Miriam Batucan

Sinulog NZ 2014 Festival Queen Voting Results

1st Counting 2nd Counting Ena Fiel 435   Jamie Denise Gear 100 500 Joanne Mijares-Supelana 800 Lilian Rose Martirez 385                                           275 Tara Gomez     Queenie Jose   300

Sinulog NZ 2014 Event Schedule