Search for Sinulog Festival Queen 2016

The Search for Sinulog Festival Queen 2016 is on. This is open to all ladies of distinction from 16 to 25 years old and of good moral character. For details, please email



Devotion Schedule


Venue: St. Benedicts Church, St. Benedicts St., Newton, Auckland

6:30pm Rosary followed by Novena to Senyor Sto Niño every 2nd, 3rd & 4th Friday of the month

7:30pm Mass for Senyor Santo Niño every 3rd Friday of the month

Other devotions at St Benedict’s Church organized by the Sto Nino Devotees Group

1st Friday Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (6:30pm Eucharistic Adoration & mass at 7:30pm with Anointing with Holy Oil)

Every Wednesdays, novena mass to Our Mother of Perpetual Help : Rosary at 6:45pm followed by Novena then mass at 7:30pm



This is a house to house weekly visitation of the Pilgrim Statues of Senyor Sto. Niño in designated homes organized by the Hermano and Hermana covering the different areas of Auckland.

The New Hermanos & Hermanas for 2015
Mel and Divina Libre – to cover North & West Auckland
Dan and Edith Intalan – to cover East & South Auckland

Sto Niño Devotions & House to House Pilgrim Statue Permanent Coordinators 

Milford area = Alex & Carmela Andales

Palmerston North = Wilfred & Rhea Villocido

Central Auckland = Roland & Chichi Abadingo

Eastern Auckland and Howick = Cherrie Lapaz

Inner-West Auckland = Boboy & Joy Caballero

Wider part of West Auckland = Alfred & Merced Belleza

Waiuku, Port Waikato & Bombay = Mrs Ging Neil & Family

Manurewa & Takanini = Lorna Gayatin & Family

CFC – Papakura & North Shore Families & Danaoaons – Lito & Mary ann Bitoon

Papakura & Pukekohe= Judith Hastings & Family

Glenfield, Totara Valley and Wider North Shore = Emerson & Bernadette Nufable

Albany = Cathy Tomaquin & Family

Howick, Flat Bush & Dannemora = Maves Fiel & Family

South Auckland = Yvette Esplaguera & Family

Invercargill – Maria Beth Batucan-Pilgrim & Family


Click on this link to find directions to St. Benedict’s Church, 1 St Benedicts Street, Newton 1010

Novena to Senyor Sto Niño

Monthly Community Event – Evening Schedule

First Friday every month – Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

6:30pm – Eucharistic Adoration

7:30pm – Mass in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

8:30pm – Networking & consultation among migrants

Venue: St Benedict’s church


Wednesday every week – Devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help

6:45pm – Rosary followed by Novena prayers

7:30pm – Mass

8:30pm – Networking & consultation among migrants

Venue: St Benedict’s church


2nd & 4th Fridays of the month – Bible Sharing & Reflections

Hosted by Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal

7:00pm – Fellowship

7:30pm – Praise & Worship followed by Bible Sharing & Reflections

9:00pm – Networking & consultation among migrants

Venue: St Benedict’s church-crypt

Queen’s New Year Honours List 2015

Congratulations to our very own Oscar Pioquinto Batucan and Miriam Alvez Batucan for receiving the Queen’s Service Medal 2015.

Mrs Miriam Alvez Batucan, Auckland, for services to the Filipino community.

Mr Oscar Pioquinto Batucan, JP, Auckland, for services to the Filipino community.


Message from Auckland COUNCIL OF PRIESTS (Catholic Diocese of Auckland)



Message from Bishop Patrick Dunn (Catholic Diocese of Auckland)

Dear Oscar & Miriam

Congratulations on your NEW YEAR Honour.

It is very richly deserved, and this recognition by the Queen and by the Government will bring much pleasure to the many who respect you and who love you.

Every blessing for 2015.

+Patrick Dunn

Message from Rev Msgr David Tonks (Parish Priest, St John the Baptist, Parnell)

Dear Oscar and Miriam,

I was delighted to read the New Year Honours list in the Herald  and see your names among those recognised by the nation as deserving of an award. Congratulations to you both! I have long thanked God for your generous, wise and faith-filled leadership, and your loving service of the Church, especially among the Filipino people. It is very fitting that our state recognises your wonderful contribution to society. Praise God that your lives shine forth with the Lord, in your beautiful humble and loving ways!

God bless – especially as a new year opens!

David Tonks

Message from the Philippine Ambassador in Wellington

The Philippine Embassy team and the Filipino community joins me in conveying our heartiest congratulations for receiving the Queen’s Service Medal for services to the Filipino community in this year’s honour list. You continue to bring pride and honour to our country and people. Thank and Praise GOD for your services and success. GOD BLESS you and your family even more abundantly.

Wellington, December 2014

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 4.09.18 pm

Listen to the couple’s interview here:

LOBOC Children’s Choir Concert

The NZ-Filipino Santo Nino Devotees supports the LOBOC Children’s Choir concert here in New Zealand.


The LOBOC  Gala is a great opportunity to showcase the culture of song and charitable hearts that Filipinos and the Philippines must be known for.


Tickets are available directly from Ticketmaster. As a solution for Filipinos who might not be keen on having to buy at Ticketmaster, the organising committee have had faux tickets printed – these are numbered and initialed – this ticket is handed to a purchaser on payment and redeemed by the organising committee in bulk (to avoid additional cost charged by ticketmaster on a per transaction basis). The actual ticektmaster ticket acquired by bulk purchase by the committee is then provided to the holders of the faux ticket prior to the day of the performance as they will need this to enter into the Town Hall.


Marami pong salamat!


For more information, contact the Philippine Consulate in Auckland on Phone 09 600 6100 or visit their office at The Theatre Royal – 486 New North Rd, Kingsland, PO Box 41344, St Luke’s Auckland Central 1346 Phone


Auckland Poster-01


Migrant Mums & Women



There will be limited seats, so pre-registration required. Kindly book ASAP online at



Another huge blessing from God, another celebration greatly blessed by Senor Santo Niño thru everyone He has sent to support the devotions in every way.

For 21 Years now here in Auckland, New Zealand, the church has witnessed the immense growth of devotions to Senor Santo Nino (Holy Child Jesus).

Every night during the 9-days novena-masses held from Jan 9 – Jan 17, 2015 saw hundreds of devotees flocking to St Patrick’s Cathedral, Wyndham Street, Auckland and filling the church to nearly overflowing.

It is so uplifting to see people so happy but intensely worshipping the Holy Infant Jesus (Senor Santo Niño).

People’s faces lit with joy when they finish off each night’s mass with a Sinulog Dance Offering. It is likewise a delight to see so many non-Filipino devotees joining us in these devotions each night at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Then comes the huge fiesta celebration of Senor Santo Niño, January 18, 2015.  We think North Shore Events Centre, Auckland is a huge place for the celebration but it is likewise fully packed with devotees wishing to finish off the 10th day of prayers and celebrations, a token of their love and gratitude to SENOR SANTO for all His bountiful blessings, for answered prayers and likewise unanswered prayers and the minute by minute miracles that He continues to perform in our life, although we may not consciously be aware of them.

Thank you to all devotees, our co-organizers and everyone who made this another great and successful celebration.  It will take us a long time to itemize everyone who has helped us in many, many ways but I would like to mention some people who have made a huge impact because of their Prayerful support, their dedication and commitment:

1)    To EVERYONE who prayed with us, assisted us and supported us in the 9-days Novena-masses at St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Fiesta Celebrations at St Patrick’s Cathedral

2)    Bishop Pat Dunn and his priests who said masses for us:

Msgr Bernard Kiely, Msgr Paul Farmer, Msgr David Tonks, Fr Larry Rustia, Fr Gilbert Ramos, Fr Sam Pulanco, Fr Rory Morrisey, Fr Sherwin Lapaan, Fr Elrick Jorquia and Deacon Carlos Guleng

3)    Msgr Bernard Kiely, Fr Larry Rustia and the Parishioners of St Patrick’s Cathedral for supporting our 9-days novena masses at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

4)    Msgr Paul Farmer for accommodating us at St Benedict’s Parish for most of our activities during the year and providing a house for Senor Santo Nino

5)    Our 2014 Hermanos-Hermanas Lito & Mary Bitoon and Diosie and Cathy Tomaquin

6)    Our New Hermanos-Hermanas for accepting the task for the year

7)    Communications Team,  Chichi Abadingo for keeping our Santo Niño Website and FB and Emails correspondence always going; Cherry Thelmo-Fernandez for keeping various media groups in the loop with our activities and celebrations and a strong support from husband Rommil during the 9-days novena-masses & fiesta celebrations.

8)     Everyone who joined the Liturgical and Cultural dance offering

9)    Our Cultural Production Team and Liturgical Dance Teams for their commitment and dedication, to mention those with lead roles, Alyx Ty, Diane Gantuangco-Edmonds, Mary Anne Brannan, Ferdie Esclamado, Eloise Gantuangco, and the assistance of Dexter Ycong and Joey de Guzman.

10) Dra Allen Villamor & Family, Annie and Grace Paderanga, Saldua Families and Alfred & Merced Belleza for flowers and candle supplies throughout the 9-days novena masses.

11) Jess Enoncillo for his designs and decors.

12) Roland Abadingo for all graphic designs and putting together our souvenir book

13) All our Area Coordinators for the house to house visitations of the image of Senor Santo Niño

14) Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal choir for their music support throughout the year.

15) The Pilgrim sponsors of the 9-days novena-masses from Community groups, Choir Groups and Devotees from various parts of Auckland. A Mass will be offered for your intentions at a specific month in 2015. We hope you can grace us with your presence at those specific masses.

16) France and Robert Martirez for all costume making.

17) The Sinulog Festival Queen competition is a project geared towards developing the talents and giftedness of our young ladies, enhance their skills, build confidence thru an experience new to  them and provide an avenue to express themselves thru art and create new friendships.

We wish to thank Chloe Edds, Althea Daculan, Xyrene Cope, Maegan Perdido, Metzil Bermudez and John Mae Nazareno for accepting our invitation to be involved in this project. We likewise acknowledge and thank their families and friends for their awesome support.

18) Michael Martinez, Security Coordinator and ALL volunteers in the Security Team, including the team Leaders, Raymund Egay, Manny Lumapak & Mitchell Diputado

19) All our Sponsors, Donors and Patrons who have always supported us in this undertaking.

20) The prayer support of all devotees, especially the ongoing payers of our Prayer Warriors.

21) To everyone working behind the scenes including Rommel & Vernah Jabla & Grace Paderanga

I believe our life on earth is a Partnership with God.  Each one of us has been appointed to perform a task or a role to fulfill. Our fulfillment of that role stems from discerning our call by listening to Him carefully and intently thru lots of prayers and spending time with God in silence. That is when we get the guidance on how to carry out His Will.

Let us continue our devotions to Senor Santo Niño. Join us for Holy Rosary and Novena to Senor Santo Niño every Friday at 6:30pm with mass every 3rd Friday of the month at St Benedict’s Church, #1 St Benedict’s Street, Newton, Auckland.

Help us bring more people to Senor Santo Niño by promoting devotions to Him thru the house pilgrimage of the blessed statue of Senor Santo Nino.

Oh Senor Santo Niño, bless and protect us always.

Love and prayers,

Tito Oscar and Tita Miriam

SINULOG 2015 Raffle Draw Winners

Congratulations to the SINULOG 2015 RAFFLE WINNERS 1ST PRIZE Round trip ticket for two to Gold Coast Ticket # 0222 Venz Bobis 2nd Prize Round trip ticket for two to Queenstown Ticket # 2761 Kathy Gomez 3rd Prize Microwave Oven Ticket # 3014 Erlinda Lago 4th Prize Camera Ticket # 1276 Francisco Toreja 5th Prize […]

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Sinulog Festival 2015 Winners

Congratulations ! Sinulog NZ 2015 Festival Queen Sinulog NZ 2015 Festival Queen  – Chloe Edds 1st Runner Up – Althea Daculan 2nd Runner Up and Miss Friendship – Xyrene Cope Miss Popularity and Miss Love – Metzil Bermudez Miss Faith – Johna Mae Nazareno Miss Photogenic and Miss Hope – Maegan Perdido   Wear my Design Contest Winners 1st Place […]

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January 9 to 17, 2015 Venue: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 43 Wyndham Street, Auckland Rosary starts at 6:00 pm on Sundays, 6:45 pm on other days   Day 1 Fri, 9 Jan 2015 Prayer Theme: Give us a Living Faith so that we may please you in all we do Choir : Panmure Choir Sponsors & […]

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Wear My Design Competition Year 1


This year, we are launching the ‘Wear My Design Competition’ . Our 2015 Sinulog Festival Queens will be parading the designs of 6 Auckland Couturiers.   Meet Designer #1. ANDREW (&REW) Andrew (&REW) is a 20 year old Fashion Design student at AUT. He moved to New Zealand from Davao City with his family at […]

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Jan 3 (Saturday) Ø 1:00 pm Latin dance studio 29 East st. Auckland CBD Queen and Queenlet Dance Practice Cultural Dance Practice   Jan 6 (Tuesday) Ø 7pm – last practice Liturgical dance (St. Benedict’s Church crypt) Ø 8pm – Cultural Dance practice   Jan 9 Friday (1st day of 9-days novena-mases) Ø Liturgical Dance […]

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38 Teams competing for Sinulog Basketball Cup 2015


38 Teams have officially registered in the two days Sinulog Cup 2015 Basketball competitions to be held at North Shore Events Centre on January 10 and Jan 11, 2015. There are five (5) different age groups. The winner from each age group will be awarded the Sinulog Cup 2015. MO – Mens Open 35A – […]

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A closer look at our 2015 Sinulog Festival Queens



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Meet the Sinulog NZ 2015 Festival Queen Candidates

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Meet our 2015 Sinulog Festival Queen Candidates


Now that entries for the 2015 Sinulog Festival Queen have closed, we are excited to announce that this year we have six entrants. We are proud to introduce them and wish them luck in their fund raising efforts leading up to the fiesta weekend.   2015 Sinulog Festival Queen Entrant – ALTHEA DACULAN Mabuhay!   My […]

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