The Story of Ulog

Ulog did odd jobs in the church of the Agustinian fathers. Because of his duties, he developed a strong devotion to the Sto. Nino. However, later in life, he acquired a certain kind of malady until one day be became hopelessly crippled. Since Ulog had no family, he was taken in by the Agustinian fathers […]

Crisanta’s Story

IT STARTED with a prayer for her son 35 years ago. In 1975, Crisanta Largo Dayanan’s son, then 10 years old, was having a hard time breathing. He also suffered from a massive headache. With few options left to her, Crisanta knelt in front of an image of the Sto. Niño praying for her son’s […]

Typhoon Ruping

Typhoon Ruping was a super-typhoon which hit Cebu City in 1990. During its height, a taxi driver, who was a Sto. Nino devotee, continued working to earn extra for his family as well as to help commuters get home. Common sense cautioned him to go home because of the danger. There were many uprooted trees […]

Japanese Bombers

During World War II, every time the Japanese bomber planes approached the city of Cebu, the people would rush to the church and pray to the Sto.Nino for deliverance. Soon enough, there would be strong winds driving the bombs to the sea. Cebu City was not devastated by Japanese bombings. It only suffered destruction when […]

Fish Story

The Sto.Nino sometimes played innocent pranks. One day, a fish vendor, passing by the Sto.Nino Basilica, accousted a small boy who wanted to buy a bunch of fish. He said that the Sacristan Mayor would pay for the fish that afternoon. The fish vendor later returned to get the payment but the Sacristan Mayor disclaimed […]

Sto Niño returns to Cebu

It is told that when, in the days of Legaspi, the capital was moved from Cebu to Manila, the authorities decreed that the image of the Sto. Nino should also be moved to the new capital. So, the image was crated and shipped to manila, but the crate arrived there empty. The image miraculously disappeared, […]