The Story of Ulog

Ulog did odd jobs in the church of the Agustinian fathers. Because of his duties, he developed a strong devotion to the Sto. Nino. However, later in life, he acquired a certain kind of malady until one day be became hopelessly crippled. Since Ulog had no family, he was taken in by the Agustinian fathers to stay and cared for by members of the congregation. Despite his illness, Ulog never complained and continued devotedly tending the altar of the Sto. Nino. If there was nobody to assist him, he would drag himself with both arms towards the altar.

One day, while Ulog was wiping the altar, he suddenly felt so much energy and then he realized that he recovered the use of his legs. After uttering a prayer of thanksgiving, he walked out of the church and when the people saw him, they started shouting ìSi Ulog, si Ulog nakalakaw na!î ( Look at Ulog, look at Ulog, he is walking again!) News of his recovery spread all over the island. He was the first miracle that the Sto. Nino was attributed to have made. It was the start of many miraculous healings by the Sto. Nino.