Sinulog Celebration 2023

Devotion Schedule


Venue: St. Benedicts Church, St. Benedicts St., Newton, Auckland

1st Friday Novena & Mass (Novena to Senyor Santo Niño and Mass for the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

6:30pm Eucharistic Adoration and Novena-prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

7:30pm Mass

Novena prayers to Senyor Sto Niño right after mass

2nd Friday & 4th Friday: Rosary and  Novena prayers to Senyor Santo Niño

6:30pm Rosary followed by Novena-Prayers to Senyor Santo Niño

3rd Friday: Novena & Mass in honour of Senyor Santo Niño

6:40pm Rosary

7:00PM Novena to Senyor Santo Niño

7:30pm Mass

Other devotions at St Benedict’s Church organized by the Sto Niño Devotees Group

Every Wednesdays, novena mass to Our Mother of Perpetual Help : Rosary at 6:45pm followed by Novena then mass at 7:30pm

NOTE: Every Monday we hold Liturgy of the Word and Communion at a home and hospital facility


This is a house to house weekly visitation of the Pilgrim Statues of Senyor Sto. Niño in designated homes organized by the Hermano and Hermana covering the different areas of Auckland.

Sto Niño Devotions & House to House Pilgrim Statue Permanent Coordinators 

Milford area – Alex & Carmela Andales

Palmerston North – Wilfred & Rhea Villocido

Central Auckland – Roland & Chichi Abadingo

Inner-West Auckland – Boboy & Joy Caballero

Wider part of West Auckland – Alfred & Merced Belleza

Waiuku, Port Waikato & Bombay – Mrs Gingging Neil & Family

Manurewa & Takanini – Lorna Gayatin & Family

CFC – Papakura & North Shore Families & Danaoaons – Lito & Mary ann Bitoon

Papakura & Pukekohe – Judith Hastings & Family

Glenfield, Totara Valley and Wider North Shore – Emerson & Bernadette Nufable

Albany – Cathy Tomaquin & Family

Howick, Flat Bush & Dannemora – Edgar & Maves Fiel

South Auckland – Yvette Esplaguera & Family

Invercargill – Maria Beth Batucan-Pilgrim & Family

Hastings, Hawkes Bay – Ryan and Jojie Pablo

Click on this link to find directions to St. Benedict’s Church, 1 St Benedicts Street, Newton 1010

Financial Statement for year ended 31 March 2022 reviewed by SBA – Onehunga

Click on the link to view details of the Financial Accounts for year ended 31 March 2022 reviewed by SBA – Onehunga

Caring for the Community

The NZ-Filipino Sto Nino Devotees Trust, also known as SINULOG NZ, has recently been appointed as Community Connectors – Care in Community Welfare Providers working with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and other government agencies.As the 3rd largest Ethnic Community in New Zealand, we Filipinos can now access essential help when it is needed especially for those in Isolation due to Covid 19 and those needing assistance as a result of their Isolation. Please call us or email your queries to


A BIG THANK YOU!!! Daghang Salamat (Many Thanks)

January 16th, 1994, one Sunday 28 years ago, we held the 1st Fiesta celebration in honour of Senor Santo Nino. How the devotions started in New Zealand is documented on the tablet we printed which is on display at the shrine of Senor Santo Nino at St Benedict’s Church. The shrine was installed thru the support of the then Parish priest Mons Paul Farmer.

For the past 28 years, thousands of Auckland’s Catholic Filipino community and family of devotees gathered during the fiesta celebrations in honour of the Holy Child Jesus (Señor Santo Niño) on the third Sunday of January.
It is a moving, faith-filled event marking Señor Santo Niño’s blessing in several healings, cures and answered prayers. The devotion to the Christ-child seemed to have originated in Spain at the beginning of the 16th century and usually it emphasized the ideas of kingship. From Spain, the devotion spread to the rest of Europe. And from Europe – it spread to the other parts of the world.

After modest beginnings, the feast of Señor Santo Niño has grown to a major event in the Filipino-Catholic calendar, not only in the Philippines, but in most parts of the world including Auckland.
The Devotions to Santo Nino keeps growing from strength to strength. There have been many attestations about the miracles received from Señor Santo Niño,
although unrecorded. It is with Faith and Thanksgiving that the number of devotees who participate in the stewardship of the Church have increased.



Every Devotee and Supporter of Senor Santo Nino contributed a lot to the success of the 10 days celebration at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Our joint prayers made a big difference and God has granted us the grace to be able to celebrate without any drawback all thru the 10 days celebration. Glory and Praise to the Lord God Almighty.
Thank You DEVOTEES OF SENOR SANTO NINO IN NEW ZEALAND for holding on to your deep love and faithful devotion to SANTO NINO amid all the challenges that surrounded us and the whole world since 2019 due to this global pandemic. For rising above and beyond all the struggles, the trials, the hardships perhaps due to loss of jobs, shortened work hours and the many uncertainties surrounding us and the longing for our churches to open all the time and receiving Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

On behalf of my co-organizers, we wish to thank:

  1. All the priests who celebrated masses for us during these 9 days novena-mass
  2. To Fr Mario Dorado- Filipino Chaplain
  3. The support of the Auckland Catholic Filipino Chaplaincy
  4. All our SPONSORS & DONORS
  5. ALL Pilgrim Groups, Filipino Devotional & Community Groups and Choir Groups coordinated by Chichi Abadingo, Sto Nino group’s Liturgy Coordinator &
    Administrator of Santo Nino website and social media platforms. We were all so blessed with your presence
  6. Ministers of Communion coordinated by Cherry Thelmo Fernandez.
  7. Ministers of Word, Rosary & Novena leaders coordinated by Chichi Abadingo
  8. Daily Commentators
  9. ACFC Altar Servers Coordinated by Jeremie de Guzman and monitored daily by Romil Fernandez
  10. Mass Collectors Coordinated Cathy Tomaquin & Charles Tomaquin
  11. All Santo Nino Area Coordinators who do Evangelization Program & Outreach work for Santo Nino
  12. ALL Families who brought Offertory gifts during the 9 days novena masses and Fiesta celebration
  13. To our Sacristans: CARMEN SHAW & MARIVIC MONTANO (they did a lot of work behind the scenes)
  14. Assisting in Altar Preparations: Greg & Aby Montano
  15. To Chris, who is assisting us in the church
  16. Tom, our Parking Warden
  17. Alex Andales, our sound technician who travelled from North Shore each night to help us. To Nathan Batucan assisting.
  18. For our church flower providers: Annie & Grace Paderanga, Joy & Boboy Caballero & Bebeth Cutten.
  19. Jess Enoncillo for our Sto Nino set-up.
  20. JC & Joy Caballero for our videography & resources
  21. Diana Basar for Photography
  22. Erwin & Marilyn Lackar & Mary Balondo for our Vaccine Pass Verifications as well as Darius & Elsa del Rosario on fiesta day and ALL Volunteers.
  23. Joy Caballero & RJ Yap for our QR code registrations & Scanning
  24. Jeanyveve Alfanta Aldave, Imelda Quizo & Yhanz Tongco for putting together our Sinulog Liturgical Dance on the First Day of the 9 days Novena-Masses and on the Fiesta Day. It was a very well executed dance of praise & worship.
  25. Jesy & Vina Valenzuela for our church upkeep all thru the 9-days in coordination with Jean Colle.
  26. For everyone who gave their TIME, TALENT & TREASURE.
  27. TO ALL VOLUNTEERS. You have been a big blessing to us devotees of Santo Nino. Without you, the world will be full of so many tasks do and no one to do them.
  28. Thank you FR CHRIS DENHAM – Administrator of St Patrick’s Cathedral and assisting priests: FR TONY KING-ARCHER; FR JAMES
  29. Thank You St Patrick’s Cathedral Staff: Syd Beguely, Rebecca Knibb & Anita Hudson.
  30. Welcome new Trustees and new Area Coordinators. Thank you for your commitment
  31. Police Officer Ding Capunitan and NZ Police for their presence
  32. Fiesta choir: El Shaddai with Vett Ramos as choir master, for their very beautiful singing
  33. Thank you to everyone who served in the Fiesta mass: Readers Queenie Jose, Christine Tomaquin, Commentator Ado Flores, St Joseph’s Takapuna’s Butch Rafols who guided the ACFC Altar Servers, Eva Ricacho who guided the children leading the Prayer of the Faithful.
    My sincere apologies if there is any name I may have missed out.
    Our devotional masses and events do not end with the fiesta celebration. Let us continue the devotions and pray to God the Father to give us the grace to be able to respond to the spiritual needs of our community to fulfil Christ’s call to make disciples of all nations and become a living testimony of the many blessings from our Beloved Señor Santo Niño.
    As migrants to New Zealand, let us continue to be steadfast in holding on to our faith especially when challenges and difficulties come our way.
    We thank the Catholic Diocese of Auckland for its continued support. We especially thank His Grace Bishop Pat Dunn who has given us his spiritual guidance and all -out support every year for the past 3289 years. We pray for Bishop Pat as he goes into retirement for personal needs.
    Thank you, Bishop Michael Gielen, for presiding at our Fiesta mass. Thank you for sharing your time with us. We pray for your continued support for the next 28 years, by the God’s grace.
    Our sincere apologies to those who could not be accommodated inside St Patrick’s Cathedral during the Santo Nino Fiesta Mass on 15 Jan 2022. The Cathedral was fully packed, and you had to stand outside during the Eucharistic Celebration. All our event schedules are posted in our Sinulog NZ Facebook or Santo Nino website or our Sinulog NZ YouTube channel. Please subscribe to them for future notices.
    For 500 years, the Filipino people have been dancing in praise and worship to the Holy Child, Señor Santo Niño de Cebú.
    The Pit Senyor music continues to play in our mind & keeps our heart burning with love for Jesus as we remember the sight of so many people, young and old, dancing and chanting, VIVA SENOR SANTO NINO. VIVA PIT SENYOR, offering their thanksgiving and petitions!!!
    May that memory drive us to always praise and worship the Lord in everything.
    Faith plays a big part in our continued devotions to Senyor Santo Nino. May we put our total trust and confidence in Him like little Children.
    Thank you, Señor Santo Niño, for your for your bountiful blessings,

    Note: On May 1, 2022, we will have our Santo Nino @500 and Kaplag celebration at EventFindA Stadium (formerly North Shore Events Centre). Please keep an eye on updates at our social media platforms: Sinulog in New Zealand Facebook; Sinulog NZ YouTube Channel and Santo Nino
    Contact us for more details: Oscar & Miriam Batucan Snr facebook page or send us a message.

2022 9-Days Novena/Mass Schedule

January 6 to 14, 2022
Venue: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 43 Wyndham Street, Auckland
Rosary starts at 6:45 pm

Day 1 Thursday, 6 January 2022
Choir :
Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal Family Choir

Sponsors & Pilgrims : All devotees of Senor Sto. Niño & Organizers/ All Sugbuanons (Cebuanos), Sto Niño Devotees – Papakura and Pukekohe, Waiuku, Bombay & Port Waikato, Sto Niño Devotees-Howick and Flatbush areas, Pakuranga & Dannemora

Area Coordinators : Edgar & Maves Fiel, Ging Neil & Judith Hastings

Day 2 Friday, 7 January 2022
Choir : God’s Love Family Music Ministry with the Laetare Children’s Choir

Sponsors & Pilgrims : Sto Niño Devotees – Papakura, Sto Niño Devotees – Manurewa, Takanini & South Auckland areas, Devotees of Our Lady of Manaoag, Devotees of Nuestra Senyora dela Soledad (Pangasinan), Sto Niño Devotees – Invercagill, Sto Niño Devotees – Palmerston North, Auckland Catholic Charismatic Renewal – Jesus Good Shepherd, St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parishioners, Indian, Samoan, Korean, & Spanish Catholic groups, Sto Nino de Leyte Devotional Group, Leyte Samar NZ Solidarity Foundation

Area Coordintor : Yvette Espleguera and Family

Day 3 Saturday, 8 January 2022
Choir : HUNI (Holy Cross Papatoetoe Filipino Choir)

Sponsors & Pilgrims : St John Paul II Catholic Community – Albany, Sto Niño Devotees – Glenfield & Albany areas, St Thomas More, Assumpta Church Beach Haven, Sto Niño Devotees – Totara Valley & wider North Shore Areas

Area Coordinators : Diosy & Cathy Tomaquin, Emerson & Bernadette Nufable

Day 4 Saturday, 9 January 2022
Choir : Fatima Choir

Sponsors & Pilgrims : All devotees of Senor Sto. Niño & Organizers/ All Sugbuanons (Cebuanos)

Area Coordinators : Roland and Chichi Abadingo

Day 5 Monday, 10 January 2022 Special Anointing of the Sick
Choir : Gaudette Angelic Choir

Sponsors & Pilgrims : Divine Mercy Devotees – Fr Rory Morrissey, Legion of Mary – Filipino Praesidium, Legion of Mary – Northshore, Legion of Mary – Balmoral, Legion of Mary – National Body, Legion of Mary – South, Legion of Mary – Papatoetoe, Leyte-Samar Waraynon NZ, Devotees of the Black Nazarene, Filipino Catholic Community, Divine Mercy Devotees, Lady of Peñafrancia Devotees, Mga Bicolanos

Area Coordinator : Roland and Chichi Abadingo

Day 6 Tuesday, 11 January 2022
Choir :Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal Family Choir

Sponsors & Pilgrims : Voice of God Charismatic Group & Families, Lightbringers Group, Sto Niño Devotees – Central Auckland, Sto Niño Devotees – Mt Wellington, Panmure & Ellerslie, San Pedro Calungsod Devotees NZ, Sto Niño Devotees – Danao, Cebu, Ilonggo Integrated Association Inc and Devotees of our Lady of Candelaria – Western Visayas Region VI

Area Coordinator : Lito & Mary Ann Bitoon, Boboy & Joy Caballero

Day 7 Wednesday, 12 January 2022
Choir : Tawag Awit – Our Lady of Lourdes, Glen Eden Chapter

Sponsors & Pilgrims : Katilingbang Bisaya sa New Zealand (KBNZ) Families & Friends, Sto Niño Devotees – Inner West Auckland and Wider West Auckland, Mother of Perpetual Help Devotees – St. Benedicts, Kapatiran Prayer Fellowship

Area Coordinator : Alfred & Merced Belleza

Day 8 Thursday, 13 January 2022
Choir : St Joseph Parish Takapuna Choir

Sponsors & Pilgrims : Sto Niño Devotees – Milford, Takapuna, Northcote, Birkenhead, Glenfield and the Other North Shore Areas, Lady of La Naval and Capampangans, UFCSA North Officers & Members Auckland, Our Lady of Fatima – Meadowbank, Knights Basketball, Sinulog Amigos

Area Coordinator – Alex & Carmela Andales

Day 9 Friday, 14 January 2022 Special Blessings for the Children
Choir : Couples for Christ

Sponsors & Pilgrims : Couples for Christ and its Family Ministries

Area Coordinators : Oscar & Miriam Batucan

15 January 2022 Saturday (FIESTA MASS) will be at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 43 Wyndham Street, Auckland. Procession starts 5:30 pm. Mass at 6:30 pm.

The following are mandatory every day.

  1. Vaccine Pass
  2. Mask
  3. Covid Tracing – on phone or sign up registry slip for those with no phone app
  4. Hand Sanitizing

No mask or no Vaccine Pass – No Entry will be strictly imposed.


Old Farmers car park at Hobson St. opens after 6:30 pm – $4.00 parking

Durham Lane Carpark opens after 6:30 pm – $2.00 parking

The Area Coordinators assigned on a particular day will welcome and usher in church goers and invite the families visited by Senor Santo Niño throughout the year in their respective areas.

Financial Statement for year ended 31 March 2021 reviewed by SBA – Onehunga

Click on the link to view details of the Financial Accounts for year ended 31 March 2021 reviewed by SBA – Onehunga