A Story of Gratitude

How my sincere prayer was answered by the image of the Santo Niño

Sinulog Witnessing – January 2012

There is a saying that goes…”The later in life you start a family, then the better prepared you will be for the future”. In our case, we were married in 2002 and both of us not being “spring chickens” anymore; we decided to start a family right away. Since then, we had been waiting for […]

The Pencilmaker

Let me first share what the “Pencilmaker” told his pencils these important lessons. Said he: “1st – Everything you do will always leave a mark; 2nd– You can always correct the mistakes you made; 3rd– What is important is the lead inside; 4th– In life, you will undergo painful sharpenings that will make you better […]

Strength Regained


Moved by the Groove

    http://radj.blushama.com (photo credit)) Despite the 15 years that I lived in Cebu, I never danced to worship the Santo Nino. It was more a cultural, fun thing to do to dance during the Sinulog for me in my younger years. But that all changed in 2010. On the last night of the nine-day […]

Pit Senyor kang Jerem kini!

One day at the beginning of spring – September 2009, my nephew Jeremiah complained of pains in his tummy.  His parent’s were away on conference at the time so Nana took care of the kids in their absence.  He was taken to the local hospital in Whakatane and admitted there until their parents managed to […]