Pit Senyor kang Jerem kini!

One day at the beginning of spring – September 2009, my nephew Jeremiah complained of pains in his tummy.  His parent’s were away on conference at the time so Nana took care of the kids in their absence.  He was taken to the local hospital in Whakatane and admitted there until their parents managed to get back.  Jeremiah was in so much pain and doctors couldn’t make out what was wrong with him.  Soon after he was airlifted to Starship Children’s Hospital where he remained for the next three months.

Jerem began his  battle with a very rare disease, so rare that no treatment is available in the world yet.  The first time you hear about it you start researching about the disease and it comes up as a “Lymphoma Impostor”. Thank you Senyor Santo Nino, it’s not the dreaded cancer. Seriously the thought crossed our minds and normal human reaction would be to question how this could happen to this young man?  How do we fight this disease when the world hasn’t even found a cure?

Faith plays a big part in our family and it is faith that will help us conquer this disease. Friends and family continue to pray for little miracles knowing that the Senyor Santo Nino, in his infinite mercy will grant Jerem the gift of health once more.

So many questions, no certain answers. We are treading in the unknown here, we do not know what will be, but one thing’s for sure, Senyor Santo Nino you are here to make it all right.  As an infant you brought faith to our shores and to this day we revere and worship you.

Santo Nino, protector of children shield our Jerem from Castleman’s disease.

“Pit Senyor Santo Nino, we offer our prayers for Jerem.  He is in your hands”.









 [ A Manuel Panares Painting ]

 Being a member of the Santo Nino Group, I immediately sought the “prayer warriors” assistance to pray for Jerem.  The prayer warriors prayed without ceasing and day by day little miracles happened.  He began to show signs of recovery despite being diagnosed with a very rare disease called “multi centric” Castleman’s Disease.   His parent’s, Guada and Roger were so scared that they wouldn’t sleep – taking turns praying by Jerem’s side.  As his body accumulated so much liquid he was taken to ICU and monitored round the clock with drains on all sides.  Still we prayed to our beloved Senyor Santo Nino and to the Divine Mercy  to please give Jerem back his health.

A miracle happened on Christmas Eve, after several chemo sessions Jerem was granted special leave to spend Christmas eve and Christmas Day with family “out of the hospital” . Ronald Macdonald House kindly provided us with accommodation and the Sinulog Prayer Warriors were there to sing praises for the wonderful miracle he has granted our Jerem.

Thank you Sinulog Prayer Warriors for your unceasing devotion and prayers to our Senyor Santo Nino. Today our Jerem is healthy, happy and now back to school.  Thank you also to all the priests, Fr. Polinar and Fr. Reno and Fr. Demetrio Penascosa for your spiritual guidance and to everyone who dedicated a prayer for Jerem’s healing.  Our sincere gratitude to all.

January 2010-01-04

Pamy Solatan


  1. The Solatans would like to thank the Sinulog Prayer warriors once again for your prayers for our Mommy Mindy who passed away 20 November 2011. Together with your prayers she left us in peace and her legacy of prayer lives on in our hearts.

    Thank you