Typhoon Ruping

Typhoon Ruping was a super-typhoon which hit Cebu City in 1990. During its height, a taxi driver, who was a Sto. Nino devotee, continued working to earn extra for his family as well as to help commuters get home. Common sense cautioned him to go home because of the danger. There were many uprooted trees and electric posts fell down barring the streets.

Driving along Colon St., he could barely see through his windshield. Straining his eyes, he saw the silhouette of a small boy standing in the middle of the street. The driver stopped and went out of his vehicle to help the small boy. But the boy was nowhere, instead he saw a big up-rooted tree blocking the entire width of the street. Had he not be warned ahead, he would have collided with the tree.

He thanked the Sto.Nino who have protected him from danger.