Viva Pit Señor! – Wanganui

Sent: Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017 at 12:28 AM
To: Santonino

Dear Miriam and Oscar,

I am Sofia from Peru and with my husband Rubens from Brazil we participate in the amazing Novena and Fiesta of Señor Santo Niño in Auckland.

Through the mercy of Our Infant Jesus and our Lady, we have been blessed and now we just moved from Auckland to Wanganui with a job, therefore I would like in gratitude to Señor Santo Niño that if possible He could visit my homeplace and praise to Him and keep this devotion in my family so He can accompany us for the new life that we are starting in Wanganui.
I saw in the website that there are Hermano and Hermana in Palmerston North.. We are 45min from there.
Thank you very much for your beautiful mission.
God and Mother keep blessing you.