Sinulog 2010 Special Acknowledgements

Special Acknowledgements and Heartfelt Thanks

Bishop Patrick Dunn DD, Bishop of Auckland – Main celebrant for Senor Santo Nino fiesta mass and for shepherding us under the Catholic Diocese of Auckland
Msgr Bernard Kiely – Administrator of St Patrick’s Cathedral, diocese of  Auckland
Father Roberto Ruben Elago MSP, Chaplain of the Auckland Catholic Filipino Chaplaincy – for his untiring support in monthly Novena &  Mass to Senor Santo Nino throughout 2008 and spiritual guidance.
St Benedict’s Parish – in support of our weekly gathering for novena to Senor Santo Nino every 6:30pm (with mass on every 3rd Friday of each month); for our devotions to the Sacred heart of Jesus every 1st Friday of the month; prayer meeting & fellowship every Friday night with the Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Group at St Benedict’s church, Newton.
Father Joseph Parkinson OP – for masses celebrated every 1st Friday of the month in devotion to the Sacred heart of Jesus all throughout the year (every 7:30pm) at St Benedict’s church.
Sem Noel Corsino – Pastoral Assistant, ACFC & Good Shepherd Parish – Balmoral

Team Leaders of NZ-Filipino Senor Santo Nino Devotees Focus Groups:
Miriam A Batucan – Chairperson
Oscar P Batucan JP- Marketing & Fundraising
Mary Anne Brannan – Administration
Joyce Gesta – Finance
Roland Abadingo – Promotion & Advertising
Ma Consuelo (Chichi) Abadingo – Communications & Publicity (Filipinos & other migrant communities)
Ado Flores – Cultural Committee
Joy Caballero – Public Relations
Alex Andales & Milford Santo Nino Group – Logistics & Technical support & Transport
Villamor Family (Romy, Allen & Giselle) – 9 days Novena flowers & flower arrangements & sign posting
Junn & Whelma Saldua – Quarterly flower decorations at Good Shepherd Church, Balmoral on behalf of the Sto nino group; sign posting; candle supply; support team
Annie Paderanga, Alfred & Merced Belleza – Support Team; candle supply
Allan Pedrera – Site Coordinator and Mass collections team
Malaeola hall & Karo preparations:
Oscar Batucan Sr, Oscar  Batucan Jr & Tania Batucan, Arthur James & Bubbles Batucan, Vincent Batucan, Michael Batucan, Mary Anne & Peter Brannan, Allan Pedrera, Nico Pedrera, Alex Andales, Roland Abadingo, Ganzan Brothers, Kriez Cuevas, Mel Mandingiado, Fred Tarroballes, Lito Magalong, Roy Hortanto, Edgar Castaneda (sounds) and the many people who gave their time from the early hours of Sunday morning.
Ado Flores, Ma Consuelo (Chichi) Abadingo and Cherry Thelmo-Fernandez – Contributors on media articles
Karo decorations:
*Fritzi Anne Udanga       *Glo Mandingiado   *Dadai Norman   *Tess Inigo   *Carmen Shaw
2010 Hermano & Hermana = promoters of the devotion to Senor Santo thru weekly home visitations of the Blessed Image of Senor Santo Nino.
Special thanks goes to Lino & Suzette Orquejo and family (covered West & Central Auckland);
Lulu Lauron (North Shore) & Jun Ganzan (South Auckland) Auckland.

The New Hermano’s & Hermana’s for 2010
Roland & Ma Consuelo (Chichi) Abadingo  – to cover Eastern & Southern part of Auckland.
Alex & Carmela Andales   – to cover the Western & Central part of Auckland.
Jun & Bernalyn Ganzan – cover the Milford Area.
Mary Anne Bitoon – to cover North Shore area (Couples for Christ families).
Auckland Catholic Filipino Chaplaincy
Chairperson – Ma Consuelo del Castillo
Liturgy Committee: Mark Barrios, Nitz Arcena & Barbato Bato
Evangelization Committee headed by Djoh Leedom

Voice of God Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group – support in the weekly Novena devotions to Senor Santo Nino throughout the year.
Fiesta Organisers and their families. Contacts for weekly Novena & devotions to Senor Santo Nino
Oscar & Miriam Batucan   Ph 570 1139
Romy & Allen Villamor              Ph 845 0004
Mary Anne Brannan           Ph 836 0408
Mila Rigby
Annie Paderanga                       Ph 815 7394
Joyce Gesta                        Ph 525 2229
Prescilla Suerto
Allan & Nancy Pedrera             Ph 813 6383
Ado & Belinda Flores         Ph 488 0047
Bebeth Cutten                   Ph 480 1972
Jun & Gwen Abueva  (Aussie)
Lulu Lauron                         Ph 443 4403
Whelma & Jun Saldua      Ph 624 2393
Alfred & Merced Belleza           Ph 813 3947
Alex & Carmela Andales    Ph 486 0014
Joy & Boboy Caballero    Ph 828 0008
Ric Hidalgo & Marivic Villaraza Ph 298 0518
Mel & Glo Mandingiado      Ph 582 5985
Mely Fernandez  (Howick)
Pamela Solatan  (Aussie)
Janet de Lira
Roland & Chichi Abadingo Ph 5756343
Liturgy Committee for 9-days Novena & Fiesta Mass:
Sem Noel Corsino,  ACFC Pastoral Assistant – church preparations during the 9-days novena; training altar servers; prepare Fiesta liturgy
Consuelo del Castillo – organist during novena
Priest support during 9-days Novena:
Fr Ruben Elago MSP; Fr Gilbert Ramos; Fr Reno Alima; Fr Everett Corvera; Fr Sam Pulanco; Fr Ralph Barcelo; Fr Mike Tria
The different communities and choir groups who have helped us during the 9-days novena (Schedule attached)
Fiesta Mass:
Commentator, Readers and Ministers of Communion and Mass offerors
West Auckland/Holy Cross Filipino choir – provided Fiesta mass choir
Santo Nino Liturgical Dancers coming from different Filipino communities
Sam Polangco – putting together the Liturgical dances & preparations
Various Committees\Tasks:
Mel & Debbie Libre and Tawag Awit Group – Sinulog ambassadors (ushering)
Jojo and Mila Hernandez; Nimfa Marinas and family and Devotees of Nuestra Senora dela Soledad – served the food during the fiesta.
Bitoon Family Group – Security &  Site coordinators; Parking Wardens
Nancy Pedrera & Team  –  Information team /Souvenir Program Distributions
Rudi David & Jess Enoncillo  – artwork & stage design
Jun and Ruby Pascual – Procession coordinators
Cultural Program:
Chairman – Ado Flores
Emcees:  Romil & Cherry Thelmo-Fernandez
Stage coordinator – Mary Anne Brannan
Production Assistants – Bebeth Cutten & North Shore ladies
Technical Support – Alex Andales, Edgar Castaneda & team
Sinulog Competition & Queen of Festivity Working committees:
Promotions: Oscar & Miriam Batucan;
Auditors: Joyce Gesta
Tabulators: Carmela Andales & Belinda Flores
Referral (issues): Joyce Gesta, Allen Villamor, Oscar Batucan, Miriam Batucan
Trustees and supporters of the NZ-Filipino Devotees of Senor Sto Nino Trust who have organized the fundraising activities, the Food Committee, the Marshalls and all behind-the scene tasks.
Our major Sponsors: I-Remit; PSIS, Peter and Dolores Patague.  All advertisers in the souvenir magazine and all benefactors whose unfailing generosity are helping us meet expenses during the 9-days Novena/masses and the Fiesta celebration.
To all our Brothers and Sisters who have always contributed time, effort and financial assistance and supported us in all our activities, thank you very much. We pray for the continued blessing of our Patron Senor Sto Nino on you and your loved ones for your generosity
We have tried to make our list as exhaustive as we can.  We offer our most sincere apologies to any  individual contributor or groups we failed to mention here.  There are lots and lots of you who have offered help in many, many ways.  The Lord knows who you are and you will be blessed mightily for your generosity, goodness and kindness of heart

Thank you all for celebrating the Fiesta with us.
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Pit Señor. Viva Señor Santo Niño!!!