2015 Hermanos/Hermanas














The number of Snr Sto Nino de Cebu devotees continues to grow in Auckland reflected not just by the number of people attending the novena masses; but also by the requests for the image of the Holy Child to stay in their homes.

There is no denying that Filipinos in New Zealand have re-invigorated the Catholic Church as we attend not just the Sunday masses; but also commemorate the feasts of our favourite saints.  Surely, we are meant not just to earn a living in Aotearoa, but also, to propagate Christianity in a highly secular society.

As the faithful once more celebrate the Feast of Snr Sto Nino de Cebu; let us kneel in gratitude to Jesus Christ for responding to petitions and keeping us strong in faith.

Pit Senor!

Mel and Debbie Libre












Being the Hermano and Hermana for 2015 was a happy experience for us. We wish to thank the people who we met along the way to make the year more pleasant and worth while. We are grateful and honoured that we were able to serve and spread the faith and the devotion to the Senyor Sto Nino. Our task is not yet finish. As long as we live, our commitment to God will always remain. We will continue to pray for the devotion to thrive and the devotees increase in numbers as well as for Filipinos to constantly embrace our Catholic tradition.

Viva Senyor Sto Niño. Pit Senyor!

Dan & Edith Intalan