LOBOC Children’s Choir Concert

The NZ-Filipino Santo Nino Devotees supports the LOBOC Children’s Choir concert here in New Zealand.


The LOBOC  Gala is a great opportunity to showcase the culture of song and charitable hearts that Filipinos and the Philippines must be known for.


Tickets are available directly from Ticketmaster. As a solution for Filipinos who might not be keen on having to buy at Ticketmaster, the organising committee have had faux tickets printed – these are numbered and initialed – this ticket is handed to a purchaser on payment and redeemed by the organising committee in bulk (to avoid additional cost charged by ticketmaster on a per transaction basis). The actual ticektmaster ticket acquired by bulk purchase by the committee is then provided to the holders of the faux ticket prior to the day of the performance as they will need this to enter into the Town Hall.


Marami pong salamat!


For more information, contact the Philippine Consulate in Auckland on Phone 09 600 6100 or visit their office at The Theatre Royal – 486 New North Rd, Kingsland, PO Box 41344, St Luke’s Auckland Central 1346 Phone


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