A Message from 2017 Sinulog NZ Queen 1st Runner up Lianne Zhao

For me, Sinulog Queen Festival embodies all that is remarkable and unique about Senior Sto Nino. It is a great privilege and honor to become one of the Sinulog Queen Candidates. Wayback 2004, I always participate as one of the Sinulog dancer, never imagined myself joining in any pageant competition most especially Sinulog Queen New Zealand because I have not always been the most comfortable person in front of big crowds, and I worry about just being myself sometimes. But, I pushed past all the nervousness and ended up having the best time.

Because of this pageant I was able to gain a huge piece of confidence in myself to just let people see who I really am and be me.

Overall, I was able to learn a lot and gain valuable life lessons and skills from participating in this pageant. For the first time I had ever done dancing and walking solo in front of a large crowd, and I smiled my hardest as I walked across the stage wearing a beautiful dress. It was so enjoyable and unforgettable experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

And I believe this competition and winning the crown, it is not about beauty or beautiful dress it is about being yourself, making the most of the experience, and creating friendships and memories that you’ll remember forever. No matter how it all ends up, you should be so proud of yourself for putting everything you had out on the stage.

I’m in the middle of a whirlwind of emotions after winning the 1st Runner up. I wasn’t expecting this.Thank you Sinulog organisers for creating such a wonderful and awesome pageant that will linger in one’s memory most especially to the Queens. Above all, the Ultimate Creator the mightiest of them all who never left me, showered me with so much love and blessings – OUR GOD.

Thank you Senior Sto Nino

It’s truly a priceless experience I’ll never forget and cherish for the rest of my life.👌

Viva Pit Senior….