Blessed because of You

Senor Sto Niño have always been the third person in our marriage. We tried for 2 years to have our 1st born and after completing 9 days novena and asking for a child, Lorenzo Mikel was conceived. Yes, we did not name him Niño because we can only have one Niño in the house. Each and every journey we took thereafter, Sto Niño was there for us. In fact, his image moved to Auckland with us.

Our dearest Sto Niño

Each day we are reminded of how incredibly blessed and lucky we are, oh please continue to remind us. You made all things fall into place in perfect timing, how can we ever thank you. When a part of us was seeking for adventure, and risk and change — you sent us angels among men. We found them at the airport offering a ride to Britomart, we found another one who offered her flat where we can stay until we found work, then you sent one more — a boss who understand the concerns of migrants.

Each day, there are angels around us, we have met the kindest souls who you have sent to us here in Auckland. Sometimes, I wonder if we deserve this. All these years, you have always been with us, you know exactly what we need even before we even ask for it. You have helped so many others who have come to you asking for your miracles. We are grateful that you have granted our prayers.

We write you this letter in the hope that others may be able to read this, may they trust that anyone who comes to you, need only to believe that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. We thank you for all the miracles that you continue to do for us and for everyone who comes to you and call on your name. We glorify you and praise your goodness.


… for taking over control of our lives when we are too weak to even try

… for bearing us from your heart despite us not being worthy

… for fathers and mothers, butterflies, kisses, ice cream, sea shells, bugs, sunrise, spring, autumn, sea, sons and changes (yes, all the beauty in this world)

… for the kindness of strangers

… for providing comfort in uncharted roads, in questions unanswered, in the not knowing, in getting lost (we know you are there)

…for just being there when in the midst of family and friends, because sometimes, it could be lonely, utterly lonely.

by Chichi Abadingo