To ALL Devotees of Senor Santo Nino, Patrons, Benefactors, Supporters and Friends,

Thank you for all the help and support you have extended throughout the year 2017.  You are the driving force in the success of each event we organized and the inspiration in carrying out the tasks entrusted to us in spreading the devotions to Senor Santo Nino.  We look forward to many more years of working hand in hand with you and bring more people to know more about our Beloved Sto Nino.

Have a blessed Christmas to ALL.

Oscar and Miriam and the Trustees of the NZ-Filipino Sto Nino Devotees Trust

Let this be our prayer:

Special Prayer for the Christmas Season

As we begin the Christmas season, may we ask the Lord to help us to open our hearts and minds to the many graces that He has showered upon us during the year, especially during challenging times. As we pray for our families, friends and loved ones both present and in God’s kingdom; with confidence, may we ask for peace that it may infiltrate our hearts, our minds and the very fabric of this world in which we live.

We ask that He direct us toward hope and help us appreciate the goodness that surrounds us. We also pray with faith that the Blessed Mother Mary who by her obedience and humility brought forth Jesus our Saviour into this world, will continue to encourage us through her intercession and help us to know her Son more intimately. We invite the full intercession of the heavenly court, our holy angels, that they may inspire us and help us in our daily needs.

Finally, we continue to ask the Child Jesus, Senor Santo Nino, that He continues to extend his Almighty hand over a world in need of healing and peace and to open our hearts to those who would benefit from our help and generosity. Let us be filled by His mercy, His kindness, His wisdom, His light. Amen

Have a blessed Christmas to ALL.

Oscar and Miriam