IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for Festival Queens 2015

To ALL our Beautiful and Adorable Candidates for the Sinulog Festival Queen 2015 competition:

First of all, on behalf of the NZ-Filipino Devotees of Santo Nino group, I would like to thank you for your commitment to support the upcoming fiesta of Senor Santo Nino on Jan 18, 2015 and some major events in 2015.

The project on the Sinulog Festival Queen Competition is geared towards bringing together our young people and give them the opportunity to showcase their gifts and talents, meet new friends and create camaraderie amongst them.

In 2015, we will also run, for the first time, the WEAR MY DESIGN completion. This will give a chance to our gifted designers to showcase their talents.  Their design will be modelled by the candidates themselves.

We thank you and appreciate your support.

God bless

Tito Oscar and Tita Miriam

Just some notices:

1st: Kindly be guided by the following schedules (this is compulsory as advised to you at sign up):

Nov 22 (Saturday) from 10 am to 1pm at Wynyard Quarter– Photo shoot (Candidates need to bring two sets of outfit: one cocktail dress and the other a long gown)

Nov 23 (Sunday) from 10am to 1pm at Wynyard Quarter – Video taking (Candidates to wear smart casual clothes. Please come in summer wear (preferably colourful). Joey will be asking the contestants to dance and show their personalities and fun side)


We encourage all candidates to choose clothes that reflect modest Christian standards with ‘decency and propriety’.


Click the links below for the 2014 photo shoot and video so you will have an idea of how the photo shoot and video take were done.


2nd: Kindly email me or Chichi ( your photos for initial posting on FB and the website

3rd: Enclosed is a list of your co-candidates so you can share your thoughts with them and at least know each other before your photoshoot.

Candidate Facebook Designer
1.     Xyrene Cope Xyrene Cope TBA
2.     Chloe Edds Chloe Edds TBA
3.     Althea Daculan Althea Daculan Jasmine
4.     J’ Ann Canlas J-an Canlas TBA
5.     Johna Mae Nazareno
6.     Rhonne Maegan Perdido Dennis Sayat
7.     Metzil Bermudez Ginno Gomez


Canvassing of votes schedule:

1st Counting: Dec 30

2nd Counting: Jan 7

3rd Counting: Jan 16

4th: Facebook voting (runs closer to fiesta day – TO BE ADVISED)


If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to call me or text me so I can call you.


Tita Miriam 027 4875 428

Tito Oscar 027 570 1139