Letter Invitation to Join Sinulog 2014 Festival Queen Competition



The Feast of the Holy Child Jesus (Señor Sto. Niño) will be celebrating its Twenty (20) Years  Anniversary in January 2014.

From humble beginnings, the annual religious & cultural celebration has become one of the major Filipino events of the year. The NZ Filipino Sto Nino Devotees Trust ( Sto. Niño Trust) is the prime mover of the annual celebration. Its success is attributed to the commitment and dedication of our fellow Filipino devotees & volunteers.

The cultural celebration dubbed Sinulog New Zealand is gearing for a festivity of history and fervour on 19 January 2014 at the North Shore Events Centre. The re-telling of the conversion to the Faith will take centre stage next year. This will be done the Sinulog way, a dance choreography unique to central islands of the Philippines. As part of the planned festivities, the Sto. Nino Trust is inviting ladies to participate in the search for the Sinulog NZ Festival Queen 2014. This special lady epitomizes the virtues & grace of the First Woman convert to Christianity. She will be an Ambassadress of Goodwill & Faith and will help promote the devotion to the Holy Child Jesus & the richness of Filipino culture.

The selection of the Festival Queen is a friendly competition among our ladies of distinction, 18 to 30 years old, of good moral character, from the various Filipino communities in New Zealand. Hence, we are requesting your organization /community to nominate a candidate for the Festival Queen competition in January 2014. All nominations will be evaluated by a select team of the Trust and invited to an organizational meeting in September 2013 wherein the rules of the competition will be presented.

Hereunder are the initial criteria for the competition:

• Grace, Poise and Personality: 20%

• Filipiniana Costume: 20%

o This represents a candidate’s ability to project confidence and charm. These are characteristics inherent to a queen and future ambassadress of goodwill for the Trust.

o This is the official attire required in the competition that highlights the beauty of the Philippines. The costume should be relevant to the Feast of the Holy Child Jesus as celebrated in the Philippines. However, due care should be exercised to maintain decency and appropriateness in keeping with the values of the Sinulog NZ Festival.

• Audience Impact: 10%

• Funds Raised:50%

o This represents the candidate’s ability to drum up support and highlight a winning personality. An audience always loves a winner and the candidate should be able to demonstrate this characteristic.

o Each candidate will be requested to assist in raising funds for the Sto. Nino Shrine and community centre through the annual Sto. Nino Raffle Draw. Each candidate will be provided with a maximum number of tickets per individual and will be provided a 20% commission for each NZ $1 sold.

For more details, please contact the undersigned. Alternatively, you may contact:  Chichi Abadingo
Email address: Konsuy@gmail.com

We hope to introduce the participants on the Sto Nino Family Day scheduled on Sep 28, 2013.  We hope to hear from in a few days’ time so we can prepare for the presentations.

Sincerely yours,

Miriam Batucan

Mob 027 4875 428