Meet our 2015 Sinulog Festival Queen Candidates

Now that entries for the 2015 Sinulog Festival Queen have closed, we are excited to announce that this year we have six entrants. We are proud to introduce them and wish them luck in their fund raising efforts leading up to the fiesta weekend.


2015 Sinulog Festival Queen Entrant – ALTHEA DACULAN


Mabuhay!   My name is Althea Daculan. 15 years ago, I moved here from Cebu at a young age of 7 years old. At that age, I had a lack of understanding and had little memories from my childhood in my hometown, however, thanks to my Family, the Filipino community and events, I’ve come to love the culture and heritage that I come from, and no matter what age, it’s a priceless experience and treasured memory to hold for a long time.

I’ve attended Sinulog events since the event was held back in Mangere, and had only started participating in Sinulog since 2011, and since then, I have never missed a year. Sinulog has helped me grow my appreciation for a beautiful and religious culture, also be thankful to Senior Santo Niño for the many blessings he has given my Family and I, as well as meeting such amazing people along the way, and altogether, helped me grow into the person I am today.
2014 had been a big year me and my family, despite the ups and downs, we continued to pray and keep our faith strong. I wanted to show my thanks to Senior Santo Niño by not only praying and dancing for him, but pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying something new like the experience of being a Sinulog Festival Queen. I wanted to thank him for helping me through the three years of University, for letting me graduate, for landing a job to help support my family, for giving everyone great health and happiness. I also did this to make my Family proud and be recognised on their behalf.

I am a Graphic Designer, and my hobbies include doodling, dancing (kpop) with my cousins, spending time with my friends and family, karaoke, food, travel and learning new things. God Bless you all. Viva Pit Senyor!



2015 Sinulog Festival Queen Entrant – CHLOE EDDS


My name is Chloe Edds and I am a proud half Cebuano & half Australian. I was born & raised here in NZ and currently attend Alfriston College. I consider myself very lucky to belong to the Filipino community in this beautiful country. I have visited Cebu many many times and absolutely love the place, I consider it my second home. Throughout my life I have been to countless Sinulog Festivals here in NZ but as I was so young before, I didn’t really know much about this event and why it was so important to the Philippines, until a couple of years ago during my last visit to Cebu. My family took me to Basilica Minore Del Sto Niño De Cebu. As I was waiting in the long queue I was told of his story and felt so fascinated and amazed at this miracle of God. As soon as I saw the Sto Niño himself, my faith was ignited and I felt as if my faith in God was renewed. I chose to become a Sinulog Festival Queen candidate because I feel that this is not only a pageant of grace, beauty & personality, but for me, it’s an expression of faith to the Balaang Sto Niño. Sinulog ishagit og kusog Pit Senyor!


2015 Sinulog Festival Queen Entrant – JOHNA MAE NAZARENO


Hi. My name is Johna Mae Nazareno. I grew up on the beautiful island of Cebu in the Philippines. I love Cebu for its warm tropical weather, beautiful beaches, wonderful friendly people and delicious  mouth watering mangoes! I have a fun-loving, romantic personality and adventurous outlook on life. Traveling is one of my favourite goals and I have been lucky enough to visit a few countries already outside the Philippines. My ultimate holiday destination is the romantic city of Paris. I would describe myself as having traditional values, with a compassionate, respectful, and caring attitude towards others. My interests include fashion and looking trendy, beauty, modelling and photography, including selfies! I love cooking and Filipino food, the spicier, the better!! I enjoy singing to myself but I am definitely not a candidate for the next NZ X factor!! I have a young beautiful daughter who means everything to me and her life is my life. I have been in New Zealand for three wonderful years with my partner who is a doctor, which is great for getting free medical advice!!! I love the Kiwi lifestyle, as well as meeting other Filipinos here and sharing stories and experiences with them. I am nervous, but also so excited at the opportunity to be involved in the Auckland Sinulog Festival Queen. As I am quite a shy person I hope to be able to improve my confidence as well as support and showcase the culture and traditions of the Philippines here in beautiful Auckland New Zealand.


2015 Sinulog Festival Queen Entrant – MAEGAN PERDIDO


My name is Maegan Perdido.

I am 16 years old and was born and raised in New Zealand. I attend St. Dominic’s Catholic College who promotes the value and motto of “VERITAS” which means “Truth”. I consider myself as a fun and hardworking individual, who has the determination and perseverance to succeed in what i do. I enjoy dancing, singing, baking, and the outdoors. My passion lies in dancing, it is the only way i can freely express myself and communicate through my body what words cannot. Although i am very passionate about dancing, someday i aspire to become a Dentist and own my Dental Clinic. Participating in the Sinulog Festival Queen Competition has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me. But i see this as an opportunity to develop myself into a confident young woman. Being the Festival Queen means being able to spread our devotion and undying faith for Sto.Nino, for the blessings and protection He has bestowed upon us, amongst the wider community. It is about bringing happiness and hope to the community with the image of Sto.Nino and “Living to the undying spirit of one beat, one dance.”

Through the participation of the Sinulog Festival, as a Festival Queen, i hope to make my family proud and also advocate happiness and gratitude through the image of Jesus Christ. I hope to be remembered as a fun, driven, and friendly person.

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities are limitless.”- Jamie Paolenetti.

Viva Pit Senyor!



2015 Sinulog Festival Queen Entrant – METZIL BERMUDEZ


My name is Metzil Bermudez. I was born and raised in Davao City, Philippines and moved to New Zealand back in 2009. I’m currently studying Hospitality Management and aspiring to become a successful HR in the future. I am outgoing, bubbly, and a friendly individual. I also enjoy reading books, cooking, dancing, singing and most especially, spending quality time with my loved ones.


2015 Sinulog Festival Queen Entrant – XYRENE COPE


My name is Xyrene Cope. I am 17 years old. I recently graduated high school here in New Zealand and plan to study an Architecture course at a University next year.

I have had great passion in dancing since I was at a very young age till this day. I am proud to have choreographed a Filipino Cultural dance for my school’s mass. I have also joined dance competitions and was one of the choreographers. I have danced in many places and in many ways and I want to continue this skill to the upcoming event, Sinulog Festival 2015 as one of the Sinulog Festival Queen candidate. I believe that this is one way that I could express and showcase my culture with respect, love, pride and joy. Sinulog is important to me as we spread our devotion for Sto. Nino and this is one of the events that brings us all Filipinos together with ‘One beat, One dance, One vision.’
I am a very shy person with a friendly personality, participating in Sinulog as a Queen candidate will definitely improve my confidence and in everything I do I will remember to stay humble and remember my school’s motto “Optima Quaere” which means to Seek the Best.
Viva Pit Senyor!