Message of Thanks to ALL



Words are not enough to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all the support we have received in our devotions to Senor Santo Nino.

I wish to thank first of all our Bishop, His Grace Bishop Patrick Dunn, for celebrating our fiesta mass and all his prayerful support in our undertakings.

Thank you to all Priests who celebrated mass each night of the novena, to all Devotional groups, Community Choir, Ministers of the Word, Ministers of Communion, Rosary & Novena leaders, those who offered gifts, our altar servers headed by Moses Martinez, collectors, Tom our parking warden, Jimmy & Veronica who locked up each night, Basillo the Cathedral custodian, those who provided candles and our candle lighters & Candle Distributors, those who did clean up after mass each night, our Liturgical dancers & choreographer, the Welcomers, Commentators, to Chichi Abadingo our Liturgy Coordinator who did an excellent job of sending out all invites & reminders to all community groups and coordinated different tasks during the mass, to Cherry Fernandez who organized our Ministers of Communion during the 9-days and the fiesta mass, to our 9-days novena Commentators Ado Flores & Rommil Fernandez, to Rommil who was the over-all mass coordinator for the Fiesta Mass, To Dra Allen & the Villamor Family, Paderanga Sisters & Mila Rigby for our flower supply for the 9days novena Masses, to Alfred & Merced Belleza Family & Saldua Family for the unending supply of candles each day, to Jess Inoncillo who did our decorations at the fiesta and our florists, Paula, Ging Neil & Judith Hastings, to Alex Andales who managed our sounds & technical systems with Dexter Ycong & the Edwards NZ group, our family and those who prayed and worshipped with us during the 9 days of solemn mass and prayers including all the parishioners of the Cathedral of St Patrick’s & St Joseph, to Mons Bernard Kiely for his guidance and prayers, to Mari Pipe and the staff at St Patrick’s Cathedral for their support, to all our sponsors especially Western Union and Cooperative Bank and their officers present, To Philippine Airlines & Ms Didi Virata, To Planet Earth & Mrs Edith Carpenter, To Ariel & Fe Abrogena and Phil NZ, To Electoral Commission NZ & Michelle Machin, To Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, to Lion Foundation, all our benefactors, patrons, supporters and hundreds of volunteers, to my co-trustees and our Sto Nino Area Coordinators as well as Hermanos & Hermanas who relentlessly promote the Devotions to our beloved Senor Santo Nino. A very special thanks to the Holy Cross Papatoetoe Choir who did a splendid job in the singing at the fiesta mass, to Ava Café the new Fiesta Commentator and to everyone who served during the Fiesta Mass.

Special thanks also go to our lovely Sinulog Festival Queen candidates and their families and to our Board of Judges in the competition: Rex Yap, Joy Caballero (Head of Judges), Edith Carpenter, Cora Noblejas, Nida Gray-Bond, Pilar Boyle & Min Roche, Kookie Samin and Seresa Lapaz, a 2nd runner-up in the recent Miss Universe New Zealand pageant. Congratulations to the winner, Nicole Kimberley Tabar and her court.

Very special thanks to all those who participated in the 1st ever Lantern Making Contest and to the Board of Judges: Ariel Abrogena, Michelle Machin & Red Arrow. Congratulations to the winner Ingrid Magallon. In addition, to the Electoral Commission NZ for their support on this project.

The list goes on and on and my sincere apologies if there is anyone or any group that I may have missed on the list.

It is a blessing to have many people embrace and keep close to their heart the devotions to Senor Santo Nino.

A Very Special thanks to each and every one who worked hard to make our Fiesta celebration another huge success. To all our financial Donors and Benefactors, our Santo Nino prayer warriors and everyone who offered prayers.

Special thanks also go to Fr Sherwin Lapaan who sacrificed his time for most of the 9-days Novena-masses to assist us in every way he can. To ALL concelebrating priests during the Fiesta celebration, to His Excellency Ambassador Jesus Domingo, Hon Consul General Atty Paulo Garcia, for gracing our celebration, Fiesta Liturgical dancers & Eloise Gantuangco, Security Team – Parking Wardens headed by Michael Martinez and to the Red Badge Security Group, to Dr Oliver Samin and his team of nurses making available their emergency assistance where required, to St John Ambulance First Response Team, , to all our vendors, Kevin & Scotto and the team at North Shore Events Centre.

To ALL cultural dancers and support crew in our cultural productions, To Alyx Ty for all choreography and to the hardworking Cultural Team Coordinator, Diane Edmonds.

To everyone who performed in the Sinulog Cultural program:

The Sinulog Drumline Team of drummers and our beautiful Majorettes; to Virgie Russell of Capo & Trini Madison who organized the Maskara dance, to Fr Elrick Jorquia & Joshua Duting for their song renditions Trini Madison, Xyrene Cope’s hip-hop dance group; OFF TOPIC group performance arranged by Ann De Guzman, to our outgoing Sinulog Festival Queen 2016 Dimple Espenido and her court and their families.

To our 9-days very energetic photographer Boboy Caballero assisted by Martin Caballero. To our official photographer Arnold Viray Company; our official videographer -Jeff Juit & Light Per Second Company.

Very, very special thanks to our Prayer Warriors who offer unceasing prayers for all prayer intentions.

My sincere apologies once again if there is anyone I may have inadvertently missed. Thank you once again.

We all have our needs. Let us avail of the continued prayers of our Prayer Warriors by emailing us on or register it in our website

We have many things to thank God for. Let us offer these in our monthly novena-masses every 3rd Friday of the month 7pm at St Benedict’s church, #1 St Benedict Street, Newton, Auckland. Please join us.

Let this be our prayer:

Oh Senor Santo Nino, please look kindly upon us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in all the blessings you have bestowed on us. In Your infinite generosity, please grant us continued graces and blessing in our devotions to you and in all our undertakings throughout the year.


Oscar and Miriam Batucan

In behalf of the NZ-Filipino Sto Nino Devotees and Board of Trustees