One Beat

Fr Sam Pulanco (the person at the right wearing glasses) is the 2nd Filipino priest ordained at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Auckland.

He choreographed and danced the Sinulog as his Thanksgiving to the Snr. Sto Nino. The Filipinos supported him. There were 2 all Filipino choir singing Tagalog mass songs that gave more meaning to the occassion. Fr. Sam composed his own acceptance song. Filipinos in Auckland practiced and danced the Sinulog with him. They spent for the customes and prepared all the props. (and attended practices for several days).

The Maori community also prepared the Alleluia Acclamation dance where a child was carried to bring the bible prior to the Gospel reading. Over a hundred priests came to witness the occasion. The cathedral was filled to the brim and people didn’t mind that the supposedly 1 hour mass that started at 11:00 am ended past 2:00 pm. No one felt hungry even my kids did not complain. More dancing happened outside the church. Even the Bishop got the urge to dance to the Sinulog beat. Drums rolled. Joy was in the air.

When people join hands & support each other in unity…great things happen.
One beat, one dance, one vision.


Chichi Abadingo