Paskong Pinoy Parol Making Contest


Contest Rules and Guidelines

1. Entries can be submitted by an individual or group.

2. Each parol should be appropriate for the Christmas season.

3. The parol can be of any shape or form. Frame can be bamboo or any substitute like lumber (wood), plastic, wire or metal. The size is no less than a 50cm in diameter and no greater that 200cm across, excluding the tassels. It must be capable of being hung or maybe propped up on a pole that can be carried. Optional: battery operated lighting (no candles), movable decorations.

4. The final product should be home-made. The ornaments can be hand-made or made of recycled/upcycled materials.

5. A non-refundable entry fee of $10.00 will be charged for each parol entry. Only one entry per individual/group.

6. Entries must be hung outside or visible from outside the
entrants’ homes for judging by 1:00 p.m. on 16 December 2018, until 8:00pm on 6 January 2019.

7. All entries should be submitted to the Santo Nino Devotees Trust by 1:00pm on 19 January 2019, Saturday, at the North Shore Events Centre.  The winning parols will become the property of the Santo Nino Devotees Trust. Otherwise, they will be brought home by the owners after the awarding ceremonies and picture taking.

8. Winners will be announced and awarded during the Sinulog NZ 2019 programme on 20 January 2018, Sunday, at the North Shore Events Centre.


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