Blessings of love and peace to all. It is barely 66 days to go for the start of our 9-days novena then the fiesta celebrations to our beloved Senyor Santo Nino.

We will once again call on a united effort to help pray for another very blessed and successful fiesta celebration and call on your help with raising funds to help meet fiesta expenses.

For 2012, we will be printing a Tabloid magazine and will run 4,000 copies to be distributed nationwide, some to be sent overseas.  Kindly help solicit subscriptions and advertisers to the 2012 Senyor Santo Nino – Sinulog NZ tabloid magazine. Part of the income will help defray fiesta expenses and part of it will go to our Shrine Fund.

Please help distribute at least 2 – 3 copies to your friends or businesses you can approach. More would be great. It is important that we have them sign the forms and collect the cheque payment simultaneously (if possibly) because the magazine publishers need full payment upfront. Deadline for subscription and payment is 30 November 2011.

Thank you so much for your continued devotion to Senyor Santo Nino and for your commitment and dedication to help spread the devotions.

Please find attached the subscription form. (click on the link below)


God bless us all

Tito Oscar and Tita Miriam

p.s. If you or anyone you know can write an article on how devotions to Senyor Santo Nino has touched you or them in a very special way, blessings received and answered prayers and are happy to have them published in the tabloid magazine, please do send them on or by Nov 25 or as soon as possible.