Sinulog 2012 Preps

To all Trustees, committee members, Area Coordinators  and those how signed up for the  Sinulog NZ Dance troupe in Jan 2012 and those who joined in the Drumline group from Nov 2011 – Jan 2012:

Blessings of love and peace to all in the Most Precious Name of Jesus.

It is only 3 months to go for the fiesta of Senyor Santo Nino.

Attention: young boys and girls ages 15 – 21

Inviting young boys and girls including those who were trained last year and performed during the jan 2012 fiesta, to join the Sinulog Drumline Group.  Fresh training will be given provided by a new trainor, Alexis Gerinea.  He used to be a marching band instructor for one of the universities in Cebu and he also trained at the Sto Nino Basilica.  Schenjie Ubod  who is likewise an instructor from Cebu will train Bugle and Lyre.  (We are in the process of buying those so we need more young people to join this group.)

Please find schedule of drum training dates shown in the attached schedule, 2PM – 4PM.

Attention: Sinulog NZ Dance troupe

Inviting those who signed up to join the Sinulog NZ Dance troupe last Jan 2012.  It is only 3 months to go for the Senor Santo Nino’s fiesta celebrations. May I invite everyone to commit time to join the dance training for:

1)    Liturgical Dance for Day 1 of the Novena

2)    Liturgical Dance for Fiesta Day (straight after procession and before start of mass)

3)    A Sinulog Dance number to be presented during the Fiesta Cultural programme

Dance training will initially be on the 12pm – 2pm time slot on Nov 3 and Dec 1 at Mt Albert Senior Citizens Hall.

All other schedules will be at St Benedict’s. Date and time will be emailed once confirmation is received from the parish secretary.

In the meantime, kindly indicate your choice of Tuesday night 6:30pm – 8:30pm or Saturday 1PM – 3pm.

Kindly help me disseminate this to all our members, area coordinators, hermanos/hermanas  who do not open their emails regularly and anyone who will like to sign up for membership with the Sinulog NZ Dabce Troupe. Commitment for the practices is required please.

God bless us all

Tita Miriam


Click link for the Schedule

NZ Filipino Sto Nino Booking schedule 20 OCT 2012 – 19 JAN 2013