Sinulog 2020 Thank You


Celebrating 26 years of ardent devotions to Senor Santo Nino


To the thousands of devotees who paid homage to Senor Santo Nino at the Fiesta Mass Celebration held at EventFindA Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand on 19 January 2020.

It is indeed a beautiful way to culminate the 9 days novena-masses held from Jan 10 – 18, 2020 at St Patrick’s Cathedral, mother church of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland.

Very special thanks to His Grace Bishop Patrick Dunn for his continued prayers and support for the past 26 years.

To Monsignor Bernard Kiely, Vicar General of the Diocese of Auckland, who presided at the Mass and to the priests who concelebrated at the Solemn Fiesta Mass: Fr Gilbert Ramos, Fr Larry Rustia, Fr Sam Pulanco, Fr Carlos Guleng.

Thank you, Pa Tipene, Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral, for giving us the opportunity to worship and openly express our faith at the Cathedral and to the Parishioners who warmly welcome us.

For the special award, Knight-hood and Dame-hood of the Order of St Sylvester, Pope and Martyr, given to us direct from the Holy Father, our Pope Francis thru His Grace Bishop Patrick Dunn and to Monsignor Bernard Kiely who inducted the knight-hood & dame-hood on us on behalf of Bishop Patrick Dunn.

To everyone who served at the Santo Nino Fiesta Mass and to family offerors. To Salmo Koro Choir. Thank you so much.

To the Priests who celebrated 9-days Novena Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral from Jan 10 – 18, 2020: Mons Bernard Kiely, Fr Bernard Espiritu, Fr Mario Dorado, Fr Lio Rotor, Fr Larry Rustia, Fr Gilbert Ramos, Fr Sam Pulanco, Fr Rodney Smythe, Fr Carlos Guleng and Capuchin priests. Thank you to ALL Pilgrim groups from various Filipino Communities for their continued support thru the years and whose presence blessed us during these days of prayer and worship.

To everyone who served during the 9-days Novena masses: Ministers of the Word and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Commentators, Altar servers, Collectors, Candle bearers, families who brought offertory gifts each night during the masses, to our never ending supply of candles, to the families who supplied the flowers, to David Bell the very gifted florist, to the Caballero Family who took care of our candle stands before & after mass. To the Filipino Choir Groups with their beautiful angelic voices who sang during mass each day.

Thank you, Boboy Caballero, for your videography each night.

To Chichi Abadingo our Liturgy Coordinator and Social Media Administrator, to Cherry Thelmo-Fernandez, who prepared the song-sheets for the whole 9-days and organized the Extraordinary Ministers of Communion. To our Sacristans, Carmen Shaw, Marivic Montano and Grace Paderanga. To Jean Colle for her after-mass tidy ups. To the Sinulog NZ support services and First Aiders during the 9-days novena-masses. To Chris from St Patrick’s Cathedral who was there every night to assist us.

To the Santo Nino Liturgical Dancers, choreographed by Eloise Gantuangco and to Diane Edmonds, the very energetic coordinator.

Thank you to the very talented choreographer Alyx Ty who brings his flavour of dance into the Sinulog Cultural show.

Thank you, Michael Martinez and the Sinulog Security and Parking Management Team, and to Red Badge Security.


A great big THANK YOU to our co-Trustees for all their work behind the scenes

and to all key players, performers and contributors in our Sinulog NZ Festival of Songs and Dances 2020. To our gifted and talented EMCEEs, Jasper Young and Dimple Espenido and Ado Flores, our Program Coordinator.

To All Performers during the Sinulog Festival 2020 including the North Shore Ladies Sinulog Group headed by Belinda Flores and Katilingbang Bisaya sa NZ headed by Ching Mandawe and to the young people who contributed their modern hip-hop numbers including the Hidalgos, to the uprising singing diva in Auckland, ALYSSA CABALLERO.

To the Hamilton Dance Group and crew who made their way to Auckland to offer their dances and present their Nino’s and Nina’s for 2020.

To visiting devotees who travelled from afar from Hastings and New Plymouth, from Wellington and other parts of North Island to attend the Fiesta celebration.

To our decorators, Jess Enoncillo and Paula Van Doorn. To the beautiful balloons donated by Grace Jorolan.

To Dexter & Lovely Ycong for looking after our sounds and Edwards NZ for the visual display and to Alex Andales.

For Roland Abadingo, very gifted graphic designer for our banners, posters and all advertising materials.

Thank you, Jeff Juit and Light Per Second, for your great photography & videography.

Thank you, Members of Parliament who graced our Sinulog celebrations.

Thank you to ALL our Donors and Benefactors and Sponsors for your continued support.

Thank you, Santo Nino Prayer Warriors, and everyone who offered prayers.

Very special thanks to Monsignor Paul Farmer, Parish Priest of St Benedict’s, Auckland for allowing us to worship at the church throughout the year and for providing us a special place for the Shrine of Senor Santo Nino in the church.

Thank you to those who joined us for weekly novena-masses to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to our Mother of Perpetual Help and Senor Santo Nino all throughout the year at St Benedict’s Church located in the heart of Auckland.

It is a blessing to have many people embrace and keep the devotions to Senor Santo Nino close to their heart.

A BIG THANK YOU to every one who worked hard to make our Fiesta celebration another huge success.

There are thousands of people who are supporting the devotion in many ways.

Please accept our sincere apology if there is any name that I may have inadvertently missed in this thank you message.

Our devotions continue throughout the year. The Santo Nino devotees organize novena masses at St Benedict’s Church, Newton, Auckland throughout the year.

First Friday masses to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Weekly novena masses to Our Mother of Perpetual Help (with 9 Days novena masses in June to culminate withthe Fiesta celebration) and weekly novena to Senor Santo Nino with masses every 3rd Friday.

All Praise and Glory to God.


Sir Oscar and Dame Miriam Batucan