Spare a Gold Coin Appeal

Help us raise funds…

Just one Gold Coin a day can help realize the Sto Niño Shrine project

To our Kababayans , fellow Devotees of Senyor Santo Niño and Supporters
In 2011, we would like to open the doors of the Sto Niño Shrine. We believe that you can help fulfill this project for our beloved Holy Child Jesus.

You are a gift from God to the world. Let God’s goodness reflect in you. Share your compassion, your talents, your gift…spare a gold coin and spread this appeal.

The shrine will be a purpose built centre where we can practice our religious customs, culture and traditions as well as promoting a life of prayer for the youth. It will be a pilgrim centre for Perpetual Adoration as well as a Counselling centre.  A prayer centre for people to come and meet with God, for praise and worship, healing and deliverance.

The Shrine will offer an integrated environment for all races that have endeared themselves to the Holy Child Jesus as shown by the growing number of non-Filipino devotees that have joined us yearly in the Sto Niño Novena and Sinulog festival.

The initial cost of the project is 650,000 NZ$. This will be used to purchase an existing building in a central area accessible to all devotees.

We are fortunate to have received generous support from The Co-operative Bank. Since 2007, The Co-operative Bank has donated over $40,000 to our projects. So whenever possible, show your support for The Co-operative Bank, as they’ll make a donation to us for any lending products such as Home, Personal and Debt Consolidation loans you take out. There are also some other great specials available to devotees, family and friends. You can see the full package here .

However, we still need your help to provide a sustainable amount each month to be used to fund the purchase of a Shrine and make this vision a reality. A gold coin donation may seem little but if every one of us gave just one gold coin a day, we can make a substantial contribution to bringing back spirituality to this nation.

If one person donates 1 dollar each day for 365 days, this will amount to 365 NZ$ at the end of the year. 30 people donating adds up to 10,950 NZ$ at the end of the year. 100 people donating adds up to 36,500 NZ$ at year end.

With more people donating, we will be able to realize this dream in 3 to 5 years.  Donations will go directly to a Shrine account that will be visible for all donors to view.

Please support this project, for truly it is in giving that we receive.

“O Senyor Sto Niño, You are king and our God, we worship you. You are our strong Defender, We turn to you.”

Please help by donating what you can.

If you would like to make a donation towards the Spare a Gold Coin Appeal, please email Oscar and Miriam Batucan at or contact us at 09 570 1139 or  027 487 5428  /  027 570 1139.
We can provide fund raising ideas and materials to support efforts of Clubs and organizations wishing to join in this appeal.